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Creating safe home products that benefit you and your planet!

My name is Mary Yoo, I am a single mom of three, and the owner of Yoo Clean. I have acquired over 15 years of experience when it comes to cleaning and housekeeping maintenance. I began my research for an all-natural, multipurpose cleaning solution when I began to develop heavy migraines that were triggered from the fumes released from common household cleaning products.  


I started by looking at what chemicals were being used in these common household products. I had to attain this information not only because I was suffering, but so was my family from the toxic chemicals that were in our household cleaning products. I needed to know exactly what chemicals were being used and how they were affecting our bodies. Equipped with new, eye-opening information, I had the determination to find a safer route to clean in an all-natural way.


After years of trial and error, I created an all-natural multipurpose cleaner called Yoo Clean. What I discovered was that Mother Nature has provided us with all the plants that can be used to naturally clean our home without harming the environment or anyone’s health. By using a combination of essential oils, I was able to make a cleaner that is safe for my health, my family’s health, and the environment. This product was created with the purpose of providing a deep clean, while leaving a welcoming scent, all without the use of harmful chemicals. My goal with Yoo Clean is to increase awareness of the many benefits that come with using an all-natural, organic cleaner! Not only are we providing an alternative cleaning solution, but we are also helping the environment one step at a time.

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