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February Home Checklist

Here are ten things to do in your home this month to make your home feel extra clean and cozy.

1. Clean entryway floors

Nothing says 'welcome home' like a clean and tidy entryway. Sometimes it takes washing the floors to realize just how dirty they really were!

Tip: For mopping, pour 1/3 cup of our All Purpose Cleaner into a mop bucket with water. If you're using a Microfiber mop head or Swiffer Sweeper, just spray the All Purpose Cleaner on the floor & mop with a mop head.

2. Vacuum, sweep, or mop all stairways

We know, cleaning stairs can be a pain but finally vacuuming up that corner dust bunny that catches your eye every time you climb the stairs or wiping up that coffee residue will feel amazing. We promise.

For vacuuming, crush one of our bowl fresheners into small pieces and place into the vacuum bag to release a refreshing non-toxic scent!

3. Organize bookshelves

February is the perfect time to cozy up with a good book! It is also a great time to take a look at your bookshelves and donate any books you no longer enjoy. Make room for some new reads!

Tip: Spray a microfiber cloth with our All Purpose Cleaner and use it to dust your bookshelves.

4. Dust and wipe baseboards clean

You may be saying to yourself "Baseboards? I'm supposed to clean those?". Yes, it might be a chore but it's instantly gratifying.

Tip: Spray with our All Purpose Cleaner and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. This will clean off dirt, grime, and scuff marks.

5. Check and replace any burned-out light bulbs

It's amazing the difference it can make in replacing a burned-out light bulb -- especially in the bathroom! Take a minute to dust the existing light bulbs to allow them to shine brighter.

6. Wash shower curtains

If your shower has curtains, make sure to show them some love. Spray your shower daily with our All Purpose Cleaner to keep it fresh and the mildew at bay. Throw the shower curtain in the wash with a scoop of our laundry soap to give it a boost.

7. Organize linen closet

Take a minute to fold, sort, and evaluate your towels and sheets. Do you still use everything in the closet? Is it all in good condition?

Tip: Place a Yoo Clean Bowl Freshener on a pottery dish and store it on a shelf in the linen closet. This will keep the room smelling fresh!

8. Pull drain plugs out and wipe clean

Place drain plugs in a bowl with hot water and add two bowl freshener or kitchen freshener tablets. Let sit for 20 minutes in the water and wipe clean!

9. Wash throw blankets and pillow covers

Use our Lavender Eucalyptus Laundry Soap to freshen up any blankets, pillows, couch covers, etc. Spot clean any fabric will our All Purpose Cleaner.

10. Order back stock of cleaning supplies

We offer subscriptions so you'll never run out (and you save 10%)!

If you have children or housemates, tackle these projects together! If you live on your own, reward yourself by buying a cozy candle, a fun book, or some other treat for accomplishing the items on your to-do list. You deserve it.

Happy February!

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