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The Ultimate Non-Toxic Cleaning Checklist - 2023 Edition

Updated: Apr 3

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of going through your household cleaning supplies and replacing everything with non-toxic cleaning products, you’re not alone. But the scary truth is that the longer you put off the task of making the necessary switch to non-toxic cleaners, the more your health could suffer. Studies have shown that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals released when using cleaning supplies can contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and headaches. These studies also link exposure to chemicals from cleaning supplies to occupational asthma and other respiratory illnesses. As evidence stacks against “traditional” cleaning products, the choice is clear - for your own health and the health of your entire household, it is imperative that you begin to make the change towards an all-natural cleaning regimen.

The good news is that the benefits to switching to non-toxic cleaning products don’t just end with your long-term health and wellness (although that in and of itself is more than worth the effort!). Most people make the assumption that organic, all-natural cleaning supplies will be more expensive. But most non-toxic products have multi-purpose functions, especially when purchased in concentrated forms, and can work out to be even more affordable in the long run than their chemical-ridden grocery store counterparts.

Still, it can feel like a big undertaking to rebuild your cleaning supply cabinet from scratch, which is why we created a quick checklist to help you go through the categories you need to think about as you start your journey into your new non-toxic lifestyle. In each category we will include corresponding links to all recommended Yoo Clean products.


  • All-purpose cleaner: This is our hero product for the kitchen. It can be used on all hard surfaces; granite, marble, glass stove cooktop, etc. Use it in the microwave, the trash can, and the refrigerator. And remember how we said you can actually save money with all-natural products because they tend to have multiple uses? This is an all-star product that can also be used just as effectively anywhere throughout the house: in the bathroom, on light switches, baseboards, walls, handrails, door handles, windows, mirrors, sinks, faucets, carpet stains, inside your car, on your’s a powerful product and completely devoid of harmful ingredients.

  • Produce wash: If you haven’t double-checked your produce wash lately, take this as your sign to ensure that there aren’t any icky chemicals or fragrances soaking into your fruits and veggies!

  • Kitchen sink freshener: Remember that all of your dishes come in contact with your sink, so the potential for chemicals to get into your food only increases when you’re cleaning your sink and garbage disposal with toxic products. Bonus points can be awarded because the natural alternative smells amazing!


  • All-natural bathroom cleaner: You may think that the only way to have a truly clean bathroom is by scrubbing it with bleach-based products laden with sodium hypochlorite and ammonia. But natural products deliver just as deep of a clean without causing you to inhale any harmful chemicals. This cleaner works on the bathroom counter, faucet, toilet bowl, toilet seat/tank, floor, shower surround, tile, and bathtub.

  • Toilet bowl fresheners: Instead of squirting blue goo into your toilet bowl, look for a more natural alternative with citric acid and natural fragrance. This helps dissolve the scum and freshen up the scent of the whole bathroom.

Laundry Room

  • All-natural laundry soap: Since the skin is the human body’s largest organ, it’s really important that you wash your clothes with natural laundry soap, free of petroleum, artificial fragrances, parabens, and chlorine. Bonus points if the laundry soap is septic-safe and environmentally friendly! And throw out all your scent beads and dryer sheets too - those can be swapped for reusable wool balls.

Room Scents

  • Candles: If you aren’t using soy candles, you could be inhaling some pretty harmful chemicals that are masked to smell good. Check out our blog post here for more info on the dangers of artificial and synthetic fragrances. The good news is that between soy candles and diffusers, your home can still smell amazing without harming your health!

Windows and Mirrors

  • All-natural glass concentrate: Just because you don’t want streaky mirrors and windows doesn’t mean you should be inhaling icky things in order to get them. This smells amazing and delivers a powerful shine.


  • All-natural pet shampoo: Don’t forget your furry friends and the way that their health and well-being affect your home! You don’t want whatever you are cleaning your pets with to be harming their fur, skin, or respiratory systems. This one’s hypoallergenic and will make your fur babies smell amazing.


  • Diffusers: Chances are that you spend a lot of time in your car - why not put a little extra effort into making it smell amazing with a car diffuser? This one has essential oils in it that can help reduce stress, which is a win-win for anyone stuck in traffic.

  • Hand spray: Thanks to the pandemic, more people than ever are buying hand sanitizer and keeping it in their cars. Why not opt for a natural one that isn’t going to dry out your hands and disrupt your health? You can keep this one in your bags too for when you’re on the’s especially handy for flights.


  • Yoga mat/gym spray: This one might seem niche, until you finish a yoga class and have a sweaty mat on your hands! Your entire body will most likely end up touching your mat at some point during your practice, so make sure you’re cleaning it with something that’s not only effective but healthy.

Hopefully, you can print out this list and use it as a jumping-off point into your new non-toxic cleaning lifestyle. And the good news is, you can start small. Choose just one category to go all-in on, and then once you’re ready you can move on to a new category - before you know it, your whole cabinet will be updated with clean, non-toxic, and naturally scented products so that the entire household can start reaping the benefits. Happy cleaning!

Yoo Clean Cleaning Checklist
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