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Save 10% with this bundle instead of buying each product separately!


Our 16oz Produce Wash just got better! Now available with our 1 oz refill concentrate!


To use our Refill Concentrate, simply add the concentrate to your 16 oz bottle, add purified water, give it a shake, and you have a new bottle of our 16 oz produce wash ready to go!


Uses: Clean fruits and vegetables of the water-resistant waxes that are put onto produce between the farm and the store. These waxes trap agricultural chemicals, dirt, and people-handling residue, contaminants that are harmful to you and your family.


Directions: Pour Concentrate into 16 oz All Purpose Cleaner and add 430ml of purified water. Shake and spray. 

All-Natural Produce Wash Bundle

  • Purified water, 3%hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, d-limonene

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