Give Dad the gift that keeps on giving. Choose your Diffuser oil for the vehicle and make is smell fresh and clean!  Also included in the bundle is our most popular Bowl Freshener.


Car Diffuser

.5 oz/14.78ml

Directions:  Remove the plastic insert, screw the wooden cap on. Make sure the cap is tight, The liquid will spill out once tipped over if it is not on tight. Tip over and all to infuse the wooden cap it will turn a darker color. Hang from your rear view mirror and enjoy!  Flip your Car Diffuser as often or as little as you like. If you flip every day it should last up to 3 weeks. 

Does not contain Alcohol


Bowl Freshener

12oz/5ct - Organic, vegan, gluten free

Directions: Place one bowl freshener after you flush and let it do its magic. It will take about 10 minutes to dissolve and let the oils stand or you can use a toilet brush to scrub around the sides. To use as a car freshener or room freshener place in a dry area and let it release its aromatic scent.

Uses: Toilet freshener, room freshener, car freshener.


Father's Day Bundle

  • Car Diffuser Ensure the cap is on tight before you flip. 

    Bowl Freshener Keep out of reach from children. Do Not Ingest. Avoid contact to eyes. When not in uses keep sealed and away from moisture in paper or glass container. Do not keep sealed in a palstic bag/ ziploc.